FSG 39 – Materials Handling Equipment

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FSN Catalog    FSG 39 – Materials Handling Equipment

The Federation Supply Group 39 covers conveyors, material feeders, both self-propelled and non-self-propelled material handling equipment including tractors and vehicles as well as elevators, turbolifts and anti-gray pads and units.

  • 3915: Materials Feeders
  • 3920: Material Handling Equipment, Non-self-Propelled
  • 3930: Warehouse Trucks and Tractors, Self-Propelled
  • 3940: Blocks, Tackle, Rigging, and Slings
  • 3950: Winches, Hoists, Cranes, and Derricks
  • 3960: Freight Elevators
  • 3965: Turbolifts
  • 3970: Antigrav Pads
  • 3990: Miscellaneous Materials Handling Equipments.

Also included in this group are subcomponents specific to the items in this group.

Excluded from this group are space-based cargo-handling vehicles such as tugs, workbees and similar vessels which are classifiable in groups 12 or 58.